Everest Gymnastics: 2019 College Signing Day a Success

Everest GymnasticsGymnastics is a tough sport with intense competition. Hundreds of thousands of young men and women vie for one of the few coveted scholarships available each season. Everest Gymnastics is pleased to announce that two students, Julianna Weil and Lily Harsch, were bestowed scholarships to the University of Maryland and Bowling Green State University respectively. These two superb athletes were recently honored at the 2019 Everest Gymnastics College Signing Day event.

Q: What is College Signing Day?

Everest GymnasticsEverest Gymnastics: College Signing Day is an event hosted by head coaches and center founder Qi Han and Yiwen Chen each November. It’s an opportunity for the staff and training coaches to honor these exceptional students and their families and to celebrate their achievements.

Q: Why are these events so important?

Everest Gymnastics: Not only does Signing Day present an opportunity to highlight these athletes’ achievements, but it also serves as a reminder to up-and-coming gymnasts that hard work and dedication pay off. Further, it’s a chance to say goodbye for both the students and the coaches, who have often been in each other’s lives for many years. It marks a new beginning for the athletes.

Q: What impact do these students’ scholarships have on Everest Gymnastics?

Everest GymnasticsEverest Gymnastics: Aside from a sense of pride, each student that receives a scholarship or other form of recognition serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Everest Gymnastics.

Q: How can a gymnastics scholarship help Julianna and Lily reach their goals?

Everest GymnasticsReducing the financial burden of college is important for young athletes, and frees up the time and emotions needed to focus on both their studies and gymnastics. These Olympic hopefuls now have one less burden on their path toward becoming role models for the next generation.