Everest Gymnastics Opens New Location in Former Skating Rink

Everest Gymnastics

Everest Gymnastics made news recently when it opened the doors to a second training facility in Cornelius. Everest North is a 15-minute drive from the original gym in Huntersville and sits in the home of a former ice-skating rink and recreation facility. Here, coaches from the US National Team Training Center answered a few questions about the 32,000 square foot building.

Q: Why open a new location so close to the existing one?

Everest Gymnastics: Demand for elite training centers has skyrocketed in recent years. Adding a second site helps us meet this demand and provides additional facilities for recreation gymnastics. The building was a choice brought on by opportunity and is an ideal structure for gymnastics.

Everest Gymnastics

Q: What type of equipment is available at Everest North?

Everest Gymnastics: We have many of the same pieces that we use on our competition training floor, including large foam pits, climbing ropes, and regulation-sized tracks and spring floors. All of our gymnastics equipment is USAG Certified.

Q: Why is it important to have certified equipment?

Everest Gymnastics: It really comes down to quality. USAG Certified pieces are subject to intense inspection before installation. They are exceptionally well built and designed for gymnastics of all levels.

Q: What classes are offered at Everest North?

Everest Gymnastics: Our current schedule includes a Joey’s class, which is for two-to-three-year-old students and their parents. Our Popper program for preschoolers who are learning independence is also available. We have a selection of additional programs for boys and girls through age 16, including a few invitation-only classes. Each program is taught by one of our skilled instructors and range in length from 45 minutes to two hours.

Everest Gymnastics