Everest Gym: Our Coaches Make the Difference

Everest GymasticsEverest Gymnastics is proud to have a team of dedicated coaches and assistants. These men and women are on the floor and work with students and athletes every day from recreational preschool classes to intense competition-level skills training. Coaches motivate and encourage athletes in their training. For January 2019, the gymnastics training center, which now has two locations in Huntersville and Cornelius, has chosen to highlight select coaches and acknowledge their contribution to Everest Gymnastics — Coach Anna, Coach Lori, and Coach Matt.

Q: What makes Coach Anna special?

Everest Gymnastics: Coach Anna is the kind of person that can light up even the darkest room. She has been with us for 13 years, and we have never seen her with a frown on her face, despite the demands of coaching the Compulsory Team. Anna is one of the healthiest people we’ve ever met and is in the process of opening her own fitness-based business, Body Sculpting, which we know will be a success.

Q: How would you describe Coach Lori?

Everest GymnasticsEverest Gymnastics: Coach Lori, who has been with us for the last four years and currently serves as our preschool coordinator, is bright, bubbly, and knows how to help her young students overcome fear and adversity. Lori shines the brightest when she sees her efforts pay off in the smiles and laughter of her students. She has a unique ability to make even the most difficult challenges fun for budding gymnasts.

Q: What makes Coach Matt stand out?

Everest GymnasticsEverest Gymnastics: Coach Matt has been involved in gymnastics for more than three decades. He competed for 10 years and now uses his talents to teach the next generation. Matt has been coaching for a quarter century and has been with us for almost four years. He is a dedicated father who encourages both of his children to pursue their passions.

Q: What characteristics do these coaches have in common?

Everest Gymnastics: That is an easy question to answer. They are all dedicated and passionate about gymnastics, and about helping their young students develop the physical, emotional, and social skills needed to master the sport.