About Everest Gymnastics

Everest Gymnastics is on a mission to provide the most comprehensive gymnastics training in North Carolina. From beginner to advanced, each class is carefully designed to meet to the needs of growing athletes in a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment. Head coaches Qi Han and Yiwen Chen opened their first location in Huntersville in 2004. This expansive facility continues to advance the skills of gymnasts from preschool to the Olympics. In 2018, Everest Gymnastics opened the doors to an even larger training center in Cornelius. At 32,000 square feet, and featuring an impressive selection of USAG Certified equipment and a highly-skilled staff, this well-thought-out facility underscores the tireless dedication of both Han and Chen and their commitment to excellence. Everest Gymnastics is pleased to offer recreation classes and regular opportunities for new athletes to get to know gymnastics. Both locations host events that include skills clinics, summer camps, after-school care, and more.

Everest Gymnastics | Parent Mistakes

Everest Gymnastics

As an Everest Gymnastics parent, you know that you have to encourage your child to do his or her best. You know you have to bring them to practice on time and help them overcome the emotional and physical hurdles that go along with the sport. In addition to all the things you should do, there are many that you shouldn’t.

According to the coaches at Everest Gymnastic, parents should avoid comparing their child to other students on their team or their same-age peers that train at other locations. Remember, your son or daughter will have an entirely different set of skills and physical abilities than other competitors, and they may experience growth at a different rate. Likewise, never let your gymnast know that you are disappointed in their performance, either during practice or at competitions. Continue reading

Everest Gymnastics Opens New Location in Former Skating Rink

Everest Gymnastics

Everest Gymnastics made news recently when it opened the doors to a second training facility in Cornelius. Everest North is a 15-minute drive from the original gym in Huntersville and sits in the home of a former ice-skating rink and recreation facility. Here, coaches from the US National Team Training Center answered a few questions about the 32,000 square foot building.

Q: Why open a new location so close to the existing one?

Everest Gymnastics: Demand for elite training centers has skyrocketed in recent years. Adding a second site helps us meet this demand and provides additional facilities for recreation gymnastics. The building was a choice brought on by opportunity and is an ideal structure for gymnastics. Continue reading

Everest Gymnastics: 2019 College Signing Day a Success

Everest GymnasticsGymnastics is a tough sport with intense competition. Hundreds of thousands of young men and women vie for one of the few coveted scholarships available each season. Everest Gymnastics is pleased to announce that two students, Julianna Weil and Lily Harsch, were bestowed scholarships to the University of Maryland and Bowling Green State University respectively. These two superb athletes were recently honored at the 2019 Everest Gymnastics College Signing Day event. Continue reading